THE STRATEGY JOURNEY process – Five Steps to transformation success in business

By Stratability Academy

Published: December 16, 2021

Last Update: July 23, 2023

This detailed video tutorial on THE STRATEGY JOURNEY process… is first of many companion lessons for THE STRATEGY JOURNEY (2020) Book by Julie Choo and Graham Christison, all available in the Strategy Journey Fundamentals playlist on our YouTube Channel.

In this video, Julie (lead author of the book) dives into the process behind the business lifecycle that is THE STRATEGY JOURNEY process, and what are the 5 stages that form it:

  • Motivation & Leadership
  • Business Design
  • Value Design
  • Business Architecture
  • Business Transformation

She highlights the benefits of understanding the 5 stages in the lifecycle of a business and its transformation and growth journey, providing many examples of real life situations and success stories of companies and people who have thrived from activating specific strategies and tactics to support their journey along any one of the stages.

Examples of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Process in action include those of Apple, Amazon, Tesla, and more…

The definition of what is ‘business’ is also clarified so you can see how to join the dots across all the different types of businesses that exist, and apply the growth strategies from the Strategy Journey Framework to these businesses, including your CAREER as a business.

Have you thought of your career or run and operated your career growth like a business?


How can you connect the work that you do for a business or company to your career growth?

It’s super powerful when you learn how to do this as you navigate through the business lifecycle as described by the 5 stages in THE STRATEGY JOURNEY process.

You can check out this special article on Julie’s Career Journey, including 5 Top Tips you can apply to transform your mindset and accelerate your career growth.

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Stratability Academy is a provider of strategic management, innovation and digital transformation learning materials based on the THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework, and is the publisher of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY book (2019) by Julie Choo and Graham Christison.

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