Build Agile Services & Target Operating Models fit for the Digital Age

Learn how to practice and execute the STRATEGY JOURNEY path to transform the business operating model through service and transformation design 

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Transforming Operating Models with Service Design (TOMS) is a case-based training program for you to:

Learn a proven, data-driven & systematic approach to join•the•dots across the SERVICES, PEOPLE, PROCESS, DATA, TECHNOLOGY systems, and LOCATIONS in an enterprise's business operating model, to produce the best possible Return On Investment (ROI) from your transformation projects for your organization PLUS optimum value-add for customers... 

TOMS will improve your skills, capabilities and PERFORMANCE in these roles and teams →

TOMS will improve your skills, capabilities and PERFORMANCE in these roles and teams ↓

  • Product & Service Owners
  • Product & Service Designers 
  • CX/UX/DX/TX Designers
  • Enterprise Designers & Architects
  • Domain & Infrastructure Leads
  • Strategy & Innovation Leads
  • COOs & Operations Managers
  • CIOs, CTOs & Transformation Leads 
  • CDOs, CISOs & Data Security Leads
  • CHROs & People Management Leads
  • Business & Data Architects
  • Business, Process & Data Analysts

Want to become a leading problem solver, strategist or architect of the best services in your industry, organization, team or projects? 

Learn how to design a world-class Target Service Value Model or Target Operating Model in 3 months... that your stakeholders, sponsor and clients can back and fund with confidence. Or do both in 6 months.

The TOMS Program comprises 2 courses that provide you with the tools, techniques and coaching... to address these pain points in your business, organization, teams, transformation projects and in your career:

TOMS Participants will gain the skills & capabilities to achieve these business objectives for your enterprises and clients... 

Data Driven Transformation Service Design
This course will enable you to:

  • Design a Service and identify the value measures to use to analyze service performance & trends
  • Profile customers' mindsets and behaviors to build insight into their goals and map the customer journey
  • Engineer a sticky service using co-creation techniques to fully understand customer problems
  • Identify and integrate network effects into your business services to create sticky customer experiences 
  • Adapting your business operating model in a more agile manner in order to respond to digital opportunities
  • Identify USP service opportunities based on a customer's self-connected service journey and Value Model

Operating Model Transformation Design
This course will enable you to:

  • Design USP capabilities required for the Target Operating Model to support a new service/product
  • Undertake capability gap analysis from the current Operating Model to the Target Operating Model
  • Design the Game Plan Roadmap with operating model component stages to deliver capability changes 
  • Assess the best growth approach using the Service Innovation Matrix to guide development steps
  • Model the costs to run in the Target Operating Model and assess them with the business financial objectives
  • Calculate the cost of transformation and the Return On Investment (ROI) to deliver the Target Operating Model

BONUS: Take your Stakeholder Management skills to the next level

We will show you in both courses, how service designers and transformation designers work with each other as well as all their stakeholders, sponsors and clients.

You will learn how to join•the•dots between the people and teams who form the Operating Model of an enterprise and deliver the services, by connecting with them in their own language and data.

Understand how CONTEXTUAL, CONCEPTUAL, LOGICAL, PHYSICAL, IMPLEMENTATION & CODE data related to the activities, experiences and expectations of staff, customers, and services, connects via DATA-DRIVEN HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN.

Program Curriculum & Learning Outcomes

You can take the courses individually or in sequence and use the same case study or change direction, depending on your role, job and personal development needs.

Discover what you'll learn in each course, including Modules, Lessons and Topics covered.


You will will learn how to design and deliver outputs or outcomes that are:

Value Driven
Customer Co-created
Network Connected

For the stakeholders, clients, and the enterprises whom you serve.

The TOMS Path

TOMS is a 10-step proven path to consistently and successfully build external and/or internal services (verticals and horizontals) that will deliver the optimal value to customers and stakeholders, while maximizing ROI through transformation of the Operating Model for an enterprise.

The TOM Path enables an enterprise to bridge the gap and joins the dots between Strategy Design & Strategy Execution using the power of data and co-creation... which is often skipped or incorrectly applied as enterprises jump from high level conceptual KPIs to executing expensive and misaligned projects focused on shiny objects that don't have a business case with an ROI. 

You and/or your transformation team will be able to make an impact by delivering these business outcomes and benefits in parallel, and not in silos:

  • Building a strong brand by enhancing customer relationships
  • Overcoming Digital disruption via service innovation
  • Adapting operations to ecosystem changes
  • Reducing Operations inefficiency & redundancies
  • Improving organizational culture via co-creation
  • Business scaling in existing markets or into new markets

How To Build Business Agility & Operating Model Maturity step-by-step to Levels 4 & 5

The TOMS Program uses REAL WORLD Case Studies supported by the EXTENDED STRATEGY JOURNEY Canvases to show you through practice and application, how to build-up the level of business agility and increase the maturity of your enterprise's Services and across its Operating Model.

Build business agility to increase time-to-market, realize opportunities & ROI

Join the dots by reusing existing assets, and innovating where gaps exist instead of fixing problems that may be redundant

Leverage the latest data and technology to increase maturity of the Operating Model

TOMS provides unique world class techniques and tools that take you beyond current practices which only move your practice of transformation from Levels 1 and 2 to Level 3 maturity with the Digital Twin. 

You will learn how to apply THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Method and use enabling technologies to empower your Services and Operating Models and your own career too, to operate beyond Level 3, and into Levels 4 and 5 maturity with Modular & Optimized, Intelligent & Predictive Digital Operating Models

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Our Alumni participants have come from numerous industries and companies...

Both courses have been specially developed through many years of practical experience on transformation projects worth many 100s of billions, with lessons learned, and extensive R&D by practitioners for practitioners. They include case study examples and datasets, scenario problem statements, a Q&A library and more... all contributed by our community of Expert & Alumni co-creators whose feedback has led to the continuously evolution and innovation of course content. 

See what our alumni have to say about the courses...

Clive D. 
Digital & Business Intelligence Manager, Synergy, AUSTRALIA

"The key thing that I learnt on the course was how to look at the business as a total entity and develop key processes throughout the business. It’s going to enable me to go back into my business and focus on what we do and what we offer from strategy to delivery. From that perspective, the course was outstanding.”

Andy L.
PRINCIPLE, Director of Client Services, Dell EMC, AUSTRALIA

"My understanding of operating models has moved up from a one or two to a three or four and this brings value back to my clients. I can also articulate how to troubleshoot and where we can help our clients through transformation. I would recommend this course to anyone who is on a journey to understand, or prepare for, going through a business transformation or looking for ways to improve efficiency in your organization.”

Stuart M.  
Managing Director, JDX, UK

"Following our training from Stratability, my team was able to successfully deliver a TOM project for a large global investment banking client, and we even exceeded their expectations in a very short period of time. When it comes to Operating Model Design and Business Architecture, we are very happy to have learnt from one of the best in the industry.”

Emily P.  
Lead Product Architect EMEA, VP at Salesforce Ventures, UK

"I can't believe you've just shown me the process to set up & run a design authority step-by-step. I know exactly what to present to my CTO, and gain buy-in with stakeholders now! It really works to help us work out where are the best investments to make, where to setup services in a real global operating model.”

Infrastructure & Security Lead , Sanofi, FRANCE

"We used the templated canvases to provide a big strategy deliverable for our entire capability and practice as a service to our CIO. This was all taught step by step. What was amazing is that we could do this for internal services as well as external ones - very original to treat stakeholders as customers. The co-creation journey map was the key for us. My internal customers really want this strategy.”

Arnab B.  
Senior Consultant at WMWare, India

"What I really enjoy in the training is the practical approach of putting everything I’ve learnt into action. It’s the only course that really explains how to design a real Operating Model at a level that deals with senior stakeholders and governance and global too. It has helped to improve how I work with senior stakeholders to transform many business functions, and from a digital course perspective, it’s better than the courses I’ve taken from MIT & Harvard.”

What's included

You'll have 12-14 weeks access to live support from a mentor to help you complete each course, so you can balance your learning & development part-time (3-4 hours per week) alongside your day-job and your personal life. The online course materials are also available for 12 months along with 6 months access to the Q&A Forums. 

The 10-steps in the full TOMS Program is covered step-by-step via the 2 courses with the following features: 

NB: TOMS course materials and especially the case study datasets are updated yearly based on the latest trends in the market and from the ongoing feedback that we collect from our clients & alumni. So if you attended the Applied Operating Model Design (AOM) or Applied Business Architecture (ABA) courses originally taught through EA Learning... your learning materials from 3 years ago have been superseded beyond just an update or upgrade, and they are of a completely different level in maturity, to align with the latest best practices in design thinking (Service Design & Transformation Design) and with much deeper alignment using the latest in data science, with the latest digital technologies and ecosystems. The level of maturity in the practice of operating model design in TOMS is far higher at Levels 4 & 5 and also of a wider scope to cover the linkages across 5 stages of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY business lifecycle.

Inside Data Driven Transformation Service Design (DATS)

The course will take you through the 5-steps to design a Target Service Value Model (SVM) that delivers increased value-add for the end customer or end users, internal business stakeholders and also the organization offering the service, to drive growth and improve profitability. 

Services covered include the external services that are offered to customer (often called Verticals) as well as internal services that exist to serve other business units, funcitons or teams, (often called Horizontals).

You will learn how to apply data science techniques to develop or enhance the service ready for transformation through the operating model. It's not just basic process modeling and goes beyond value stream mapping.


Video Topics On-demand


Real World Examples


Case Study Project brief


Canvas-led Assignments


1-on1 Mentor Sessions

Inside Operating Model Transformation Design (OMTD)

The course will take you through the 5-steps to design a Target Operating Model for a service that can be backed, sponsored, funded and implemented by an enterprise, with the help of customers and stakeholders.

The Target Operating Model (TOM) that you will create during the course covers the Service Operating Model, Location Strategy, Organizational Design, and Service Architecture based on the value stream for a service (Vertical or Horizontal).

You will learn how to apply co-creation techniques based on an MVP approach to develop a Game Plan Roadmap that will enable the implementation of an agile Operating Model for a service while improving the enterprise's overall business agility through maturity of its capabilities. 


Video Topics On-demand


Real World Examples


Case Study Project brief


Canvas-led Assignments


1-on-1 Mentor Sessions

Program features

Participants will gain access to the following features delivered through the world-class learning environment provided by the Stratability Academy Platform.

SPECIAL FEATURES exclusive to Stratability Academy courses are highlighted below. Many of these UX features are new and added following feedback from our past cohorts.

Real World Case Study Projects (with full datasets)

Most courses will give you a few basic examples that merely highlight the theory or show you what's possible. You still get the WHAT, not the HOW.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Your courses on the TOMS program includes at least one CASE STUDY PROJECT BRIEF, with a full data set, including problem statement, industry research, sponsor and stakeholder interviews, financial and operational performance data, and key strategic artefacts that will enable to you to see what's makes for best practice and so you have the dataset to design the solution. You will also received fully worked sample case study answers.

Live Sessions with Instructors & Mentors

We don't leave you to sift through a lot of theoretical content only, where it can be easy to get lost as you will have lots of questions on HOW you go about the implementation process. You will be supported through live group mentoring sessions from the course instructor(s) and/or mentors who are on hand during the program to answer and provide feedback on your submitted case study assignments and related questions. There are 6x mentoring sessions for each course.

SPECIAL FEATURE: As our courses are for REAL PRACTITIONERS to learn continuously from others, where we can't answer specific questions during the live review sessions, especially if they are too complex or open ended, our mentors will attempt to help you break down your problem and create a 1-3 separate 5 mins videos to provide you with a a more specific reviews and feedback. These will be available as replays for individual consumption. Model answers are also provided once you have successfully completed your assignments to a suitable standard at the discretion of each mentor.

Pre-recorded curriculum with exercises + keyword search

Have you taken online courses with long videos that provide a lot of information but you have no summary of the key points, nor the ability to search what's said in the video itself, and the text under the video provides an inadequate summary. On all Stratability Academy courses, you'll be able to take a short quiz at the end of each lesson (topics included), that will highlight what these key points are while testing your ability to remember and prompting you to take notes.

SPECIAL FEATURE: Quiz questions serve as key reminder of key learning points. You'll also be able to search the Q&A Forum while you're taking the quiz as well as making notes in parallel.

Ability to bookmark, take notes, see progress updates

When taking online courses or attending live in-person workshops, are you always trying to take notes using real paper notebooks, or busy cutting and pasting or typing into a separate documentation tool like googledocs? What about video timestamps or pausing a video and coming back to the same place later. Having trouble matching your notes to the content? 

SPECIAL FEATURES: SOLVED, you'll have the ability to bookmark or 'favorite' key parts of a video and also take notes on screen via a floating popup within the Stratability Academy Platform as you watch and pause the video lecture, which will be saved for you in your own Personal Notes library. You'll also be able to download your own notes into a word document, for your own storage and printing.

Private online discussion forum with Q&A

Access a DISCOURSE or REDDIT style private online forum with an extensive Q&A library and the ability to search for responses and feedback from past and present course alumni & participants as well as your instructors.  

SPECIAL FEATURE: Stratability Academy's Private Online Forums are built-in to your course and accessible as a pop-up bubble or tab for you to search and view existing Q&As, as well as adding your new questions for support and feedback from the mentors & wider alumni community. You don't need to fiddle around and login to a separate APP like Slack or a Facebook group with a confusing search capability. No more switching browsers or tabs and multiple accounts & passwords.

Resource Library (VAULT) + Cliff Notes

The Resource Vault includes access to the Extended STRATEGY JOURNEY Canvases that include step-by-step instructions and sets of fully worked examples, as well as other reference whitepapers, expert interview replays, and more... covered in your course.

When you have completed a course, we'll replace your course access with a comprehensive set of Cliff Notes that you can download and re-use offline to keep forever, so you don't have to keep going through all the course materials again just to find something.

Following course completion, you'll receive 1 month initial access to the Private Forums as an Alumni, containing access to all past and future case study examples, the Q&A library, exclusive job or consulting project opportunities (coming soon) with the ability to extend your access through a minimal subscription fee for alumni (to cover costs).

CPD Accredited Provider
OMTD is a CPD certified course. 
DATS shall also be certified retrospectively by Feb-March 2023.

Certificate & CPD Credits (Other Qualifications Available)

The course is CPD certified providing points towards your CPD learning goal.

A certificate will be automatically generated by the Stratability Academy platform when you have completed all necessary steps and exercises in a course to the suitable standard required to qualify for CPD credits.

You will also be invited to gain additional qualifications (eg. CMI or Masters) or join our advance practitioner programs to become a Stratability Accredited Consultant or Coach with your own license to teach and practice the methodology, through your organization or your own business.

Meet Your Program Instructors

The TOMS Program is taught by the authors of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY book (2020) to provide a practitioner-led learning journey that dives deeper into the Strategy Journey Path outlined in the HOW section of the book. 

Julie & Graham are global thought leaders on Operating Models and Digital Transformation as well as the Strategy, Enterprise Design, Business Architecture & Data Architecture disciplines, providing many guest lectures at public and private conferences and workshops, as well as guest posting and quotes on these subjects. eg. Julie's definition of an Operating Model is featured in Verizon's Global Data Security Report (2020) distributed to over 250,000 members.

Julie & Graham are also the authors and creators of the online courses for several universities and industry-based professional associations. eg. Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking at the London Institute of Banking and Finance (LIBF) is available to banking executives in over 90 countries.

 Julie CHOO

Julie has 20 years experience in strategy and planning for management boards, VCs, C-Suite executives and Functional Heads as a management consultant, enterprise business architecture lead, and lead data analyst, responsible for driving the business case, and roadmaps for the transformation of operating models to facilitate and realize growth and expansion or contraction of various vertical and horizontal services for numerous global organizations. Her projects have a combined worth or value in the 100s of billions.

She has a Bachelors in Engineering (Hons) and a Master of Commerce (International Business), having worked in multiple industry sectors including Technology, Financial Services, Auto, Public Sector and Healthcare, Energy, Education and Learning, Telecoms and more... in the US and Americas, Europe (Western and Eastern), Asia and Oceania for GE, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Barclays, UNSW, UBS, ABN AMRO, CBA, General Motors, AMP, Boeing, Alcatel Lucent, BAE Systems, Post Office Australia...

Julie also has an entrepreneur mindset and a family background in business, that led to her first commercially profitable service as a independent provider at 22 years old when she sold a $35,000 project to design/develop/code a billing app solution for managing 6 million in receivables for a university, including the retraining and repurposing of accounting and warehousing staff.

As a resource investigator and shaper who thrives on looking at data and using data insights to help businesses and services thrive commercially, Julie was responsible from very early in her career for managing the full data set for a commercial & retail bank as well as an insurance company, providing all of the data analytics & gap analysis on products, people, security and authentication, risk management, commercial growth, as well as reporting to senior management, auditors and compliance. This has led to her continued learning of data architecture, and the practical applications of data science in AI and CX within the Business Operating Model.


Graham has 27 years experience leading the design and execution of business service and operating model transformation across a range of global enterprises in the Financial Services and Oil industries.

Graham’s desire to transform technology and processes to benefit business & humanity was born through applied research work as Chief Scientist for a healthcare start-up during which time he gained his PhD. Taking this experience into financial services, he ran enterprise architecture and operating model transformation at senior levels (to MD level) for UBS, Standard Bank, HSBC and BP Finance.

He has lead multi-billion dollar value operating model transformation projects responsible for redesigning the organizational structure of 100,000+ staffed global businesses across all levels and layers. He has driven external and internal services redesign and operational capabilities development across multiple geographies, including the creation of Centers of Excellence. Graham has also setup several Enterprise and Business Architecture practices.

Having lived and worked in different countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas, he has an intimate understanding of the challenges of business change for global teams and local cultures and the environment. All of this has led to a deep understanding of people and processes in terms of specific skills and capabilities required and the role of technology to serve different purposes and deliver strategic objectives in the digital age.

14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee & Refund

You have 2 weeks to try out key lessons, including our Case Study sessions and exclusive access to the Q&A library in the PRIVATE FORUMS, all specially designed to provide you with a real practical project experience. If the course isn’t right for you during this time, just contact us within this 14 day period*, and we’ll issue a full refund (minus small admin fee - ie. stripe and currency conversion).

*See our full terms of service and refund policy below.

Frequently asked questions


Service design skills and operating model transformation skills are highly coveted in both large enterprises and startups. Service Designers with  applied service design experience and Operating Model Transformation professionals command considerable influence in business in the digital age. The skills learnt in this program are unique through the use of value measures to lead the design of a service and data to connect a service design and the resultant operating model transformation required to realize it. No other training program enables a 'joining of the dots' in such a method driven way between these facets of digital service design and operating model transformation. You’ll learn directly from experienced senior strategy design and transformation professionals who have worked at many large scale businesses and fast growing start-ups across multiple industries including the Financial Services (including Fintech), Telecoms, Energy ... and more who have contributed to developing THE STRATEGY JOURNEY methodology.


This program will equip the student with advanced service design and operating model transformation skills to enhance existing business roles such as Service Owner, Product Manager, Business Managers, Customer /User Experience Designers, Strategy & Innovation Specialists. It is also a key enabler by addressing gaps in knowledge and skill for roles such as Business  or Enterprise Architect and Data Scientists. Both of these genre of roles serve the C-suite in delivering the digital agenda for a business. 


This program is intended for anyone who is currently responsible for operating, evolving or investing in services in a business to realize a strategy or those responsible for designing and delivering the resultant operating model to support the strategy. If you require to learn these skills, or build on established experience by learning a new and different approach to this, then this is the program for you.


The success stories of today and the future are Service Led, NOT Solutions Led. Service Designer skills are sought after in enterprises undergoing digital transition as well as entrepreneurial startups. Operating models have to become more agile and transform more easily with reduced waste. These skills will enable you to be come the linchpin that your enterprise or clients cannot do without.


Yes. You will need to fill out a short application questionnaire and we encourage your to enquire to book a short interview meeting with one of the instructors and/or mentors who will validate that the course is right for you and your level of prior experience.
eg. We will advise you to join a different program with us such as our Accelerator Program, Beginner courses, or even courses with others providers if that program is more suited to you learning journey.


We don’t formally check your prior experiences on innovation or transformation programs, nor if you have practiced in a specific role or profession, though we do suggest you have some related experiences, so that we can help you to leverage them before joining the program.
There is a short application where you can self-assess if you and the program are the right fit for each other. This is to ensure that all our participants gain that really exclusive and interactive experience from the program, as well as achieving
all the benefits including any personal development goals that they may have. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry to discuss this further.


The Transforming Operating Models with Service design program is comprised of content and curriculum to support two sequential courses;
⚬ Data Driven Transformation Service Design (DATS)
⚬ Operating Model Transformation Design (OMTD)
You may subscribe to the training by enrolling in any one of the two courses directly. When you complete your first course, you will be invited to join the second course in the TOMS program at a reduced cost - ie. you will receive a $1000 voucher to join the second course.

Training materials will be released every 2 weeks following the order of the modules with approximate 60-90 minutes of video lectures per module. This is to ensure the structured order to the methodology is followed as exercises and case study work would become confusing if the participant were to jump ahead to later modules prior to the completion of the training sessions that focuses on them. Instructor and mentor support is provided in week one so you can choose your case study and project brief to take through the course including additional context and scoping. We no longer offer group mentoring sessions since removal of the cohort structure to an open enrollment. Hence, live mentoring support has also switch to a 1-on-1 live session for each participant of 30mins in duration, available for booking whenever the participant submits their assignments for review according to the Live Mentoring schedule.  

Participants are allocated 6 live mentoring sessions per course to be used within the first 4 months from their date of enrollment on the course, along with 6 months access to the  Q&A Forums. Online materials including QUIZ access is available for 12 months from date of enrollment.

For additional coaching support to obtaining certification levels, and other details regarding our professional qualifications (beyond CPD credits) or if you require bespoke training for your team and company, please submit an enquiry via the button on the page or contact us at:, to speak with a member of our team.


Enrolled participants will have 12 months access to the online course materials plus Q&A forum as well as 6 months access to 1-1 Mentoring support. Participants will receive access to 6-7 live mentoring sessions spread which can been booked during the first 180 days from your date of enrollment on DATS and OMTD respectively. At the end of this period, participants who have successfully completed a course including video and quiz completion, and who have submitted their assignments to an adequate pass grade, will receive lifetime access to a set of downloadable cliff notes. They also have access to the Alumni Forum.

NB: Participants from any one course in the TOMS program, who wish to extend into the second course shall receive a $500 voucher for the purchase of their second enrollment. This voucher is available upon course completion of your first course.  


From February 1, 2023, courses will hve moved to an open enrollment so you can enroll at anytime, to commence immediately. You will have access to your online course materials for 12 months from the date of purchase including 6 months access to the Q&A Forums for each course. You also have 3-4 month to utilize and book into your allocated live mentoring sessions for each course, which follow a yearly calendar. Any further extensions of time, shall incur a additional fees to pay for extra license access access and mentor tuition, and will only be granted upon application. switch is allowed on application. You may obtain a full refund within the first 14 days and you have not downloaded any of our learning materials. Please read the Stratability Academy Terms of Service including our IP Licensing rules for further details.


From February 1, 2023, courses will have moved to an open enrollment so you can enroll at anytime, to commence immediately. You will have access to your online course materials and the Q&A Forum for 12 months from the date of purchase including 6 months access to utilize and book into your allocated 1-1 mentoring sessions for each course, which follow a yearly calendar. Any further extensions of time, shall incur a additional fees to pay for extra license access access and mentor tuition, and will only be granted upon application. switch is allowed on application. You may obtain a full refund within the first 14 days and you have not downloaded any of our learning materials. Please read the Stratability Academy Terms of Service including our IP Licensing rules for further details.


You will need access to a desktop computer and/or large tablet with the ability to run the latest versions of Chrome as your browser to undertake all Stratability Training programs as our Training Platform has been developed using the latest technologies available. Your browser must support the ability to use GOOGLEDRIVE including access to googledocs, googlesheets, google slides, etc... We cannot guarantee that our programs will function properly on older browsers or where you may have added firewall restrictions, and we do not make any special provisions for our public courses and programs. We suggest you access our courses and programs via your personal desktop computer if required should your WORK computer have specific firewall restrictions or operate on an older operating system and browsers.

NB: Many of our materials and tools will not work on mobile smartphones or small tablets, which do not facilitate interactive learning via a digital whiteboard.