There are very few industries that are not being shaken top to bottom by technological advances.  Technology has the potential

As well a writing THE STRATEGY JOURNEY®, Founder and CEO of Stratability, Julie Choo took part in the Enterprise Nation

Perhaps it does come down to implementation and execution but does Design Think really work to offer and deliver real

Artificial Intelligence is certainly big news right now. Every day we see more and more research, documentary-based television programs, and

During the Silverstone 2017 Formula 1 Grandprix, most people, especially fans of Formula One (F1) and Motorsport, like myself are

This week I will be speaking at the inaugural Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles Summit in Europe, June 28th and

We finally launched our inaugural Applied Operating Model Design (AOM) course in London on June 12-15. I was so pleased

In roughly just over half a decade, this little island nation has moved from a small unstable town plagued by

How many times have you sat at work thinking of an elaborate scheme to win favour with your manager? Or

[Updated to cover ‘How a TOM with business agility can deal with disruption’, including economic crisis like COVID-19 as well