[Updated to cover ‘How a TOM with business agility can deal with disruption’, including economic crisis like COVID-19 as well

I was recently invited to Innovate UK’s inaugural Women Infocus networking event on 9th February 2017, designed to help women entrepreneurs

A workshop on Saturday… Looks like my work never stops… While I would equally have appreciated the lie in, I was

When I was first confirmed to speak at the Umbraco UK Festival for 2016, I did wonder how well my

It has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur and launch a start up. With coverage across the

For the past year, I have been busy finishing off my consulting gig working on HSBC’s Global Corporate Client Strategy

Update: The course is being updated for businesses in Asia with the help of Stratability Asia. More information coming soon

When so many new startups fail, how do you beat those odds? We’ve all heard the statistics about the rate

And so, the end is near… we’re into the final stretch… with clichés continuing to roll out daily to keep us