Fast-Track Your Digital Transformations & Career. 

An Accelerated Path to achieve successful
Digital Transformation in the AI Revolution.

Deepen your skills and experiences with the HOW, and not just the WHAT. Be able to stand out from the crowd, get noticed, listened to and even headhunted as a Digital Transformation specialist.

For non techies & techies to join·the·dots

Join the FIRST & ONLY step-by-step program with the tools, techniques and practical
real-world example case studies from the Strategy Journey Framework to help you
join·the·dots with data and deliver successful Digital Transformation outcomes.

Your Questions Answered:


Steve Jobs

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. ”

Steve Jobs - Digital Visionary (Founder of Apple Inc.)

What was Steve Jobs really saying?

Well... connecting the dots looking forward is creating many 'gaps' on the transformation journey, as different change initiatives, projects and transformation programs jump from a strategic vision into implementation. This is the PROBLEM REALITY.

The evidence is clear when there has been little change in these transformation failure statistics that have persisted over many decades:  

  • 92% of start-ups fail within three years according to a study from UC Berkeley and Stanford called the Start-up Genome Report on Premature Scaling
  • 70% of change initiatives in large corporations fail to achieve their objectives as Harvard Business Review (HBR), IBM, PwC and McKinsey report
  • $109M for every $1B is lost due to project failure according to the statistic from the Project Management Institute (PMI) Pulse 2014 Report

The truth is...

These are the CONSEQUENCES of poorly designed, managed and delivered digital transformations, and the gaps are only getting wider especially with low levels of capability maturity to deliver Customer Experiences (CX) that stick, and low transformation agility reflected via integration issues, that slows down 'time to market', with:

  • Spending on Digital Transformation GLOBALLY expected to reach $3.9 trillion in 2027, with an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.1%, up from $2.1 trillion in 2023 according to IDC
  • A recent Qualtrics XM Institute study in the US found that more than half (53%) of consumers have cut spending after a single bad experience with a company and businesses globally stand to lose $4.7 trillion in consumer spending due to poor customer experiences
  • Supply Chain Integration Issues (Poor Agility): According to a recent survey report in 2022 by Cleo, 85% of companies reported losing money due to integration issues related to their supply chains, 24% losing more than $500,000 annually and a further 14% losing over $1 million per year. About half of the business (49%) lack end-to-end business process visibility, leading to these substantial losses.  

Whereas... knowing how to join the dots with data, connecting backwards:

From having a target state service, the IDEAL SOLUTION, that is formulated with a GAME PLAN to solve real customer problems using data-driven human-centered design, is how you can methodically build successful Digital Transformation outcomes, whatever your starting position.

Successful digital transformations deliver a remarkable customer experience (CX) that meets and can exceed expectations via co-creation end-to-end with all parties concerned, including customers, users and the different stakeholders in an organization.

This is WHAT you'll learn to master through practice in the Strategy Journey Accelerator Program using the Accelerator Path covered by a specially formulated sub-set of Strategy Journey canvases (12) plus additional tools and real-world case study examples, all taught with step-by-step instructions... to help you derive a strategic game plan for successful Digital Transformation:

The strategic game plan is the ultimate SOLUTION PROPOSAL that drives the transformation roadmap to deliver the results or outcomes of value aligned to the goals in the strategic vision.

Don't waste your time on building Roadmaps without the evidence-based data-backed tools and techniques from the Strategy Journey Accelerator.


Roadmaps with no Game Plan tend to deliver rubbish results... creating a lot of waste. 

The Strategy Journey Accelerator Program is the first and only program that will teach you how to connect the dots backwards end-to-end, so you can move forward with the right direction with a GAME PLAN... as described by Steve Jobs. 

It is a key differentiator between success versus failure in digital transformation.

The No. 1 or BIG question is...

How can YOU position yourself in this fast-changing digital world as the go-to problem solver, who can deliver the best ROI for your business, organization and customers from digital transformation? 

The reality is... your skills, knowledge, time as well as your approach to deliver Digital Transformation, has to be sold to your stakeholders, who have different agendas as well as wanting ROI.

The IDEAL SCENARIO for any business or organization is to hire YOU to support and even shape or drive the design of the SOLUTION PROPOSAL and to deliver the digital transformation successfully via implementation, that will capitalize on the new opportunities in the market, along with reduced opportunity costs through improved business agility.

You are the Digital Transformation raising star linchpin and game changer who can...

  • Outcome #1: Solve real Business Problems that matter in priority, severity, urgency in digital economy (PROBLEM-SPECIFIC)
  • Outcome #2: Deliver remarkable customer and user experiences that stick with network effects that maximize growth (SERVICE-LED)
  • Outcome #3: Add value for all stakeholders involved, with digital solutions that deliver the best case ROI (VALUE-DRIVEN)

And your career takes-off to the next level, as you: 

  • achieve clarity on your career goals and aspirations, overcome your personal and other challenges which are blocking your progress with a clear path to move forward
  • advance your personal value, standing and confidence at work and excel on real strategic programs and projects, as everyone is listening to you, your work is recognized and rewarded
  • get noticed and promoted at work and set yourself up for success as a future leader in your field and industry, with a growing network of influential contacts and mentors
  • never get overlooked or ignored again, by managers, senior stakeholders and others who are only focused on furthering their own agendas, that compromise your personal growth

It’s better than the courses I’ve taken from MIT & Harvard ... with the practical approach...

What I really enjoy in the training is the practical approach of putting everything I’ve learnt into action. It’s the only course that really explains HOW to design... at a level that deals with senior stakeholders and governance and global too. It has helped to improve how I work with senior stakeholders to transform many business functions, and from a digital course perspective, it’s better than the courses I’ve taken from MIT & Harvard.


I know exactly what to present to my CTO and gain buy-in with stakeholders

I can't believe you've just shown me the process to gain buy-in with stakeholders and how to setup and work with a design authority now! It really works to help work out where are the best investments to make, where to setup services in a real global business. I know exactly what to present to my CTO. This has transformed my career, gotten me promoted and recognized as a leader in my industry.

Emely P.  //  Lead Product Architect EMEA, Salesforce Ventures & Mulesoft

In fact...

You have developed a USP that makes you different, unique and special in the Global Digital Transformation industry. 

With your USP, your CV or Portfolio, that outlines your skills and growing experiences... is a glowing endorsement of your abilities and achievements, and that work to build and support your growing professional reputation and personal brand.

3 Stages To Build Your USP with the Strategy Journey Accelerator

Mastering the 3 stages in the Strategy Journey Accelerator Program will drive your career to the next level, as you will become known for your ability to join the dots and solve problems in digital transformation better and faster. 

Armed with the unique tools and techniques you will add immediate value while also driving long-term success to the transformation journeys of different companies and organizations, of all shapes and sizes.

In just 12 months on this Strategy Journey Mastermind with Mentoring...



Apply the Strategy Journey framework to succeed in your business and career

1. Develop a game plan to make your dream career a S.M.A.R.T. and achievable reality. Turn your work experiences and skills into assets that help you make money and increase your income.

2. Build your experiences and skills with Strategy Journey techniques and tools that you can apply in your own life as well as your work digital transformation projects. 

3. Learn how businesses actually work and how to be innovative and co-create with human centered design to create new products and services that not only change the future but drive the future of business, work and society. 


Get clear about where you are right now & set the path to follow to attain the success you desire

1. Understand your current challenges and roadblocks, identify and reflect on your ideal future and decide on the best direction leveraging your past experiences.

2. Build the positive and constructive mindset shifts, change your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from new opportunities and transforming your journey faster and better. 

3. Discover different career rooms, paths and possible options that really make you tick, happy, grow and succeed in your professional life, and build out your self-development roadmap for career success.


Build your portfolio, CV, personal brand and network to level up your career

1. Gain the soft skills to conduct yourself in the business context to keep learning, achieve great results, increase your network, experience and authority.

2. Create your value proposition as a digital transformation expert with value-adding co-creation, data science-based experience that make up your USP and start to apply it to accelerate your career advancement, while delivering the best ROI for your organization, and all stakeholders.

3. Construct a killer portfolio of successful digital transformations and branding to position yourself in a competitive marketplace to stand out.

These are your Learning Outcomes. 

I hope you can see that this program has clear tangible takeaways and you'll get hands on with building real deliverables required for successful digital transformation as well as your own plan for career advancement!

Check out the 🎓 Curriculum + 🎁 BONUSES in more detail 👇

Join the Strategy Journey Accelerator to master the techniques for building up your own experience and personal brand inside your Digital Transformation Career Portfolio to increase your opportunities and income by many multiples

Your Instructors and...
why should you pay attention...

Julie Choo

Lead Author and Creator of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Book, Framework and Method,
Founder and CEO, Stratability Global Ltd, International Speaker

Discover Julie's strategy journey to VP and Director, independent consultant advisor and strategist to the C-Suite of many multinational Fortune 500 companies including big banks and governments, capable of charging up to 10K USD / day for her time. 

Follow her journey of how she got promoted to a 6 figure salary within 2 years post graduation, despite being made redundant at 23 following a major global industry and economic disruption.

  • Julie has designed new digital services, advised, architected and managed transformation projects and programs with budgets and/or assets from $6million to $60billion, ranging from early stage tech start-ups to large multinational corporations and even big government infrastructure or economic stimulus programs
  • Trained and taught 1000s of people worldwide in strategy & innovation, business architecture, data-driven design & blockchain, engineering and project management (professional and academy positions), including speaking at many international industry events
  • Developed and delivered extensive data, process, and cultural experiences through product and service innovation, growth and expansion, using human-centered design techniques including co-created innovation that corporates AI, across multiple industries and in 6 continents globally

Dr Graham Christison 

Co-author of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Book, Framework and Method,
Co-founder and COO at Stratability Global Ltd

Graham's knowledge and expertise on designing and leading multi million dollar complex transformations in large globally distributed businesses is at the heart of the Stratability approach. Learn from his career strategy journey to Managing Director status, building the capabilities in teams and working with senior stakeholders to drive strategy delivery through operating model development and transformation design in a range of global businesses in Financial Services and the Oil Industry.

  • Graham has 25 years experience leading the design and execution of business service and operating model transformation across various global enterprises in the Financial, Oil and Scientific sectors in different countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.
  • As a design thought leader for big businesses such as UBS, BP Oil, Standard Bank, Deutsche Bank and HSBC, Graham successfully built enterprise architecture and operating model capabilities and integrated these into the way of working within these institutions. He developed and delivered extensive differentiating experiences to customers in mature and growing world economies through product and service innovation supporting business strategy. 
  • Successfully co-created capabilities and solutions with multi cultural stakeholders at all levels in businesses spread across 12 countries through applying soft and technical skills intelligently to build an understanding of the business key influencers, corporate culture and how to navigate them for success and personal advancement.

Sam Chia 

Co-creator of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Book, Framework and Method,
Speaker at the Strategy Journey Accelerator

Learn from Sam’s 25 years of global experiences in building leaders, networks and businesses across 9 different countries in Asia. Inspired by how Sam transform his career strategically by giving up a lucrative corporate package to embark on his passion and interest in coaching.

  • As Regional Vice President and Managing Director for a global specialty chemicals business, Sam has successfully build, integrate and transform different businesses and lead a diverse teams with different background and culture in Asia.
  • As a leadership coach, Sam has worked with over 300 leaders and executives across different organizations, industries, and countries to support them to be more effective and better leader and to achieve greater clarity on their career path and aspirations. Examples of of leaders he had worked with including senior executives from DELL, Flex, Micron, Adobe, Zendesk, S&P Global, World Bank, Citibank, GAP, ABB, Walmart, Merck, Alcon, Varian, etc.
  • As an entrepreneur, Sam has developed a network of collaboration with US, Europe and Asia organizations. Sam is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with International Coach Federation and a Fellow Coach with Betterup, United State. Sam is currently on the panel of leadership coach for TRIUM, Global Executive MBA and on the panel of judge for Brands For Good award that aims to recognise businesses that not only make a difference but also commit as stewards for a positive social impact and sustainability.

The Strategy Journey Accelerator is particularly successful to serve you if you are...

  • A motivated analyst (including new analysts) who wants to support the success of your organization via delivery of effective digital transformation and accelerate your career
  • A high-performing transformation professional or consultant with business, non-profit or individuals as clients, searching for solutions that work and that help distinguish you from others with a USP, while delivering better results faster
  • An executive, leader or manager, with product or service owner accountability who wants new simple-to-use real-world-tested tools to turn around or up-level your team and organization for improved ROI from your digital transformation efforts

Very original to treat stakeholders as customers.
The co-creation journey map was the key... 

We used the templated canvases to provide a big strategy deliverable for our entire capability and practice as a service to our CIO. This was all taught step by step. What was amazing is that we could do this for internal services as well as external ones - very original to treat stakeholders as customers. The co-creation journey map was the key for us. We've never used anything like this before. My internal customers really want this.


Join companies that already trusted the Strategy Journey team:

The Framework showed me how to take my business forward

The Framework really helped me to work out how to take my business forward and where to spend money to grow, and on what services would really turn a profit to help me scale my business project too. Service Design helped me to really understand what target customers to go for. I have achieved so much more since the training and even after my exit and career transitions from entrepreneur back to corporate!

Kai A. // Media & PR Manager at Amnesty International,

exited entrepreneur founder of Studio AvantGarde Communications

I learned how to look at the business as a total entity

The key thing that I learnt on the course was how to look at the business as a total entity and develop key processes throughout the business. It’s going to enable me to go back into my business and focus on what we do and what we offer from strategy to delivery.

Clive D.  //  Digital & Business Intelligence Manager, Synergy

Here is what you’ll get inside the Strategy Journey Accelerator:

12 modules + 12 design thinking canvases and more... to fast-track your career from building your expertise in human-centered design to deliver successful digital transformations.

Note: The following Launch dates are indicating for early bird participants...
and may be subject to minor date changes...

Phase 1: LEARN

Phase 1 LEARN - Module 1 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Mission Model Design and Aligning the Problem Context to the Strategic Blueprint for Growth & Disruption [Feb, 2024 Launch]

Learn the Mission Model and apply it to strategy and vision to determine consistent and validated Mission data to drive Transformation Design

Phase 1 LEARN - Module 2 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Digital Business Model Design and Business Model Testing vs Business Planning vs Business Architecture [April, 2024 Launch]

Understand digital business models and the testing steps to generate a viable Digital Business Model. Conduct co-creation, network analysis and other techniques to drive the development of your Digital Business Model

Phase 1 LEARN - Module 3 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Value Modelling The Customer-Connected Journey and Data-Driven Customer Journey Design [May, 2024 Launch]

Learn fundamentals of value modelling and define the customer journeys based on the real customer problem, including customers goals, touchpoints, emotions.

Phase 1 LEARN - Module 4 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Service Gap Analysis for sticky CX-UX with Network Effects and USP vs Ecosystem Value Stream Design [Jul, 2024 Launch]

Derive Service Gaps based on the Customer and User Journeys leveraging Network Effects. Design a value stream aligned to USP  capabilities and the value Ecosystem of your Service.

Phase 1 LEARN - Module 5 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Service Operating Model Design and Capability Maturity vs Digital Agility Gap Analysis [Aug, 2024 Launch]

Use Value Streams to build a Service operating Model.  Define the service operating model for the customer problem and derive capability gaps from current to target operating model

Phase 1 LEARN - Module 6 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Game Plan Design and aligning the Transformation Journey to Investment Governance [Oct, 2024 Launch]

Understand agile transformation governance and digital design authorities.  How to use the Game Plan to establish the strategy and direct transformation activities based on a priority Game Play.

Phase 2: THINK

Phase 2 THINK - Module 1 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Clarifying Your Career Context [Mar, 2024 Launch]

Understand YOUR Worklife in more detail, your mindset and style of operating to help you overcome the challenges and roadblocks that may be hampering your career progression. Gains insights into the key accelerators that will make your career fly.

Phase 2 THINK - Module 2 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Discovering & Building Your Digital Transformation Career USP 
[Jun, 2024 Launch]

Discover the different career paths in the Digital Transformation Ecosystem within the Digital Economy that are available to you. Uncover your personal USP for career acceleration in the Digital Transformation industry, globally.

Phase 2 THINK - Module 3 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Joining the dots in your Master Career Blueprint 
[Sep, 2024 Launch]

Design your personal career roadmap with next steps to take to successfully apply and achieve business and digital transformation in your business, enterprise or projects that will elevate and accelerate your career.

Phase 3: PLAY

Phase 3 PLAY - Module 1- Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Building Your Career Networks & Influence and Mastering Stakeholder Management [Mar, 2024 Launch]

Learn why success in any digital transformation and in your career too is about who you know and who knows you and what you can do. Discover the different techniques and apply different tactics to engage your stakeholders in your company, industry and beyond to work and co-create in order to build your personal and professional brand.

Phase 3 PLAY - Module 2 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Applying different Co-creation Techniques and using the Co-Creation Journey Map [Jun, 2024 Launch]

Learn the 6 different data-driven co-creation techniques to help you apply Human Centered Design as well as for WHAT situations, HOW, WHERE and WHEN to apply co-creation using our proprietary extended Strategy Journey Canvas, the Co-Creation Journey Map, with real-world case study examples.

Phase 3 PLAY - Module 3 - Strategy Journey Accelerator Program

Building Your Career Growth Assets for a successful and resilient Portfolio Career [Sep, 2024 Launch]

Get the secret techniques to build up your Career Growth Assets, including your CV, Portfolio, Interview Techniques and much more... to increase your personal career valuation and build a Portfolio Career for the Digital Economy so you can have multiple incomes streams.

Strategy Journey Accelerator Bonuses:

Q&A FORUMS Access & Course Community

Access the dedicated Community Forum for the Accelerator Program, where you can ask specific questions related to each of the 12 Core Modules and get quick answers and support from our Mentors-Coaches and other course participants, alumni and industry peers. Check out past Q&A to help you solve problems better and faster. 

Monthly 'Live' Group Coaching-Mentoring for 12 months

Get face-to-face group mentor-coaching support from Julie Choo, Graham Christison or one of our expert practitioners monthly, to help you apply the Strategy Journey Accelerator techniques in the real-world in your jobs, on your projects and in your career. NB: Questions must be submitted minimum 7 business days in advance of scheduled group coaching sessions. Max 1 case or project problem per month with answers provided on a first-come-first-served basis.

12 Month Access to MURAL Digital Whiteboards 
(Full Program Payment ONLY)

Access all of your exercise worksheets and the extended Strategy Journey canvases covered in the Accelerator Path inside of MURAL, allowing you to design with MURAL's digital whiteboard, as well as extracting your outputs in PDF and CSV data files.

Additional Bonuses available later in 2024 after the LAUNCH of core modules.
Expected April-June 2024 - dates to be announced inside the Program FORUM. Some programs may also change depending experts' schedules. 

Ace Your Case Interviews with Strategy Journey Accelerator Techniques - Applied Secretly [May, 2024 Launch Expected]

Discover how Julie Choo and our other expert Mentors and Coaches have applied the Strategy Journey Accelerator techniques during a Case Interview or a Senior Hiring Manager interview, at different stages of their careers from analyst to director. Includes real-world examples to help you showcase your analysis and problem solving abilities as well as their stakeholder management and co-creation skills, to get hired on the spot.

Prompt Engineering Hacks for using CHATGPT in Digital Transformation (Guest Expert to be announced) [July, 2024 Launch Expected]

Learn how Prompt Engineering works in the new era of Generative AI with tools such as ChatGPT, including key Prompt Engineering techniques and hacks to use for Digital Transformation and to support your application of the Strategy Journey Accelerator Techniques.  

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome - Quick Wins
(Guest Expert to be announced) [June, 2024 Launch]

Even the most ambitious professionals have moments in time when they question their abilities to solve new, different and unknown problems, leading to unwanted behaviors that stifle their self-development. Learn some fast 'Quick Win' techniques to overcome your mindset challenges... and that will help you fail fast... or win via baby steps, without anyone noticing it, as well as developing your confidence in problem solving in business.

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Please join the waitlist to be notified when the program reopens.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Business in today's digital world is in a constant state of change. Transformation is the new constant and building skills in the leading data driven Transformation Design method will stand you in good stead in your current role or future career to command considerable influence in business in the digital age. The skills learnt in this program are unique. You will learn how to derive the data to connect the transformation design dots creating a sticky customer focused service target and operating model design to fulfil your strategic objectives.   You’ll learn directly from experienced senior strategy design and transformation professionals who have worked at many large scale businesses and fast growing start-ups across multiple industries including the Financial Services (including Fintech), Telecoms, Energy ... and more who have contributed to developing THE STRATEGY JOURNEY methodology.


This program will equip the student with a broad understanding of the Strategy Journey Framework and method and develop key skills in Strategy assessment, Customer Journey analysis, Value Stream design and Operating Model design.  As such it is the perfect intermediate course for Service Designers or Operating Model Designers to understand the Framework and Method.  It also represents a great introduction for  existing business roles such as Service Owner, Product Manager, Business Managers, Customer /User Experience Designers, Strategy & Innovation Specialists. It is also a key enabler to addressing gaps in knowledge and skills for roles such as Business  or Enterprise Architect and Data Scientists. Both of these genre of roles serve the C-suite in delivering the digital agenda for a business. 


This program is intended for anyone who is currently responsible for operating, evolving or investing in services in a business to realize a strategy or those responsible for designing and delivering the resultant operating model to support the strategy. If you require to learn these skills, or build on established experience by learning a new and different approach to this, then this is the program for you.


The success stories of today and the future are Service Led, NOT Solutions Led. Service Designer skills are sought after in enterprises undergoing digital transition as well as entrepreneurial startups. Operating models have to become more agile and transform more easily with reduced waste. These skills will enable you to be come the linchpin that your enterprise or clients cannot do without.


Yes you will need to enroll with us and tell us a little about your experience and skill levels.  There are no stringent entrance criteria however if you would like to book  a short interview meeting with one of the instructors and/or mentors to  validate that the course is right for you and your level of prior experience.
eg. We can provide advice regarding joining a different program with us such as our Beginner courses, or perhaps our expert level course.  We have connections with other training providers if our courses do not align appropriately to your learning journey.


We don’t formally check your prior experiences on innovation or transformation programs, nor if you have practiced in a specific role or profession, though we do suggest you have some related experiences, so that we can help you to leverage them before joining the program.
There is a short application where you can self-assess if you and the program are the right fit for each other. This is to ensure that all our participants gain that really exclusive and interactive experience from the program, as well as achieving
all the benefits including any personal development goals that they may have. Alternatively, you can request an introductory call with an instructor to discuss further.


The Accelerator Program is comprise of 12 modules organised into  three sections.

LEARN: Apply the Strategy Journey framework to succeed in your business and career

THINK: Get clear about where you are right now & set the path to follow to attain the success you desire

PLAY: Build your portfolio, CV, personal brand and network to level up your career

Depending on your payment plan, modules will be released monthly or over a 12 week period.  The Full payment option will have modules released over a 12 week period and access to  a number of bonus modules 

Students will have lifetime access to the course after completion,  access to the  Q&A forum and access to mentoring either monthly or via setup parameters as defiend by your payment plan.


Depending upon your payment plan you will be working through the 12 modules on a monthly basis or in the accelerated plan over the course of 12 weeks.  

Enrolled participants will have 12 months access to the online course materials plus Q&A forum.  

At the end of this period, participants who have successfully completed a course will receive lifetime access to the course itself. They also have ongoing access to the Alumni Forum.


The courses are open enrollment so you can enroll at anytime, to commence immediately. You will have access to your online course materials for 12 months from the date of purchase. You may obtain a full refund within the first 14 days if you have not downloaded any of our learning materials. Please read the Stratability Academy Terms of Service including our IP Licensing rules for further details.


You will need access to a desktop computer and/or large tablet with the ability to run the latest versions of Chrome as your browser to undertake all Stratability Training programs as our Training Platform has been developed using the latest technologies available. Your browser must support the ability to use GOOGLEDRIVE including access to googledocs, googlesheets, google slides, etc... We cannot guarantee that our programs will function properly on older browsers or where you may have added firewall restrictions, and we do not make any special provisions for our public courses and programs. We suggest you access our courses and programs via your personal desktop computer if required should your WORK computer have specific firewall restrictions or operate on an older operating system and browsers.

NB: Many of our materials and tools will not work on mobile smartphones or small tablets, which do not facilitate interactive learning via a digital whiteboard.

Highly practical with each element usefully illustrated through real business examples to evidence the application...

It is highly practical with each element usefully illustrated through real business examples to evidence the application of the content and show its value. Regardless of your role within an organization, ... it will help you understand how business really works, where it is going, and importantly how to build the capability to achieve the business agility required for continual business transformation.

THE STRATEGY JOURNEY underscores the critical role business architecture plays across the entire journey from strategy to execution and in the orchestration of change. It highlights the importance of value led thinking, driven through co-creation processes between customers, the business and business architects, facilitated by a common shared language.

WHYNDE KUEHN //  Partner & Co-founder of Business Architecture Associates, Fellow Institute of Digital Transformation, founder.

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