The STRATEGY JOURNEY Accelerator Path

A Proven 'Fast Track' Method to deliver successful digital transformations with the best-case ROI and value-add for all your customers and stakeholders...

Specially designed for Analysts, Consultants, Executives and Leaders... to accelerate your CAREER by building an intelligent data science-led and customer-centric 'winning' Game Plan

👉 INNOVATE remarkable digital services with exception CX that stick

👉 Build your professional REPUTATION for delivering successful digital transformations with a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE

👉 Position yourself for more OPPORTUNITIES (that chase you)

Don't miss out on this FREE training hosted by Julie Choo

What You’ll learn in this masterclass:

Prepare to revolutionize your career!

❌ This training is NOT a so-called method that teaches you just one part of the end-to-end process for digital transformation that DOES NOT support implementation. 

❌ This training is NOT another method to update your CV and Resume or to practice for interviews... so you might land yourself a JOB that you don't really want. 

✅ INSTEAD, you will learn how to 'accelerate' your career by building a 'winning' GAME PLAN that will deliver successful digital transformations with remarkable experiences and value-added outcomes for your customers and stakeholders, thus branding yourself as a go to linchpin and game changer who gets real results that stick, along with network effects.

Get the tried and battle tested approach and steps used by Julie and taught to her by her mentors and coaches over the years of her very interesting CAREER from student to software engineer... to analyst... to consultant... to architect... to entrepreneur... to designer & innovator... and to coach and advisor on...

HOW to deliver remarkably successful Digital Transformations that they keep your customers and employers so satisfied that they not only keep coming back for more, but become real advocates for your services, thus increasing your value as a digital transformation professional.

This is how you become an IN-DEMAND ASSET that everyone wants to hire.


The 3 mistakes to avoid that prevent your work to deliver digital transformations from achieving GROWTH and true success with a Return on Investment (ROI). Includes the 3 digital economy challenges to overcome and key tips on where you should focus your time and resources based on the latest trends in Digital Transformation & the AI revolution.

The 3 Stage Method to apply 
Framework that will empower you to solve real problems as experienced by your customers and stakeholders in your business or organization, and in your industry domain, while accelerating your career by building skills, your a personal USP, and your network or circle of influence.

The 12-Step Data-Driven Process to build a strategic Game Plan focused on providing the best possible ROI from digital transformation, supported by the key data-backed and evidence -based designs that can be delivered quickly with agility to improve speed to market, while optimizing costs and efficiency as well as providing value to your customers.

This all-new training is ONLY for you... if you:

Want to take your personal growth and career in digital transformation to the NEXT LEVEL better and faster (whatever stage you're at in your career)? You'll know which mistakes to avoid so you don't waste time. Instead, you be able to focus on the skills, learnings (and experiments) as well as delivering solutions that will support you to GROW!

You're an analyst or consultant who want to build the skills, capabilities and assets to truly showcase what you're made of or what you can do for your customers and the world. You can make a DIFFERENCE! Plus PLAY SMART by learning how to bank your wins and invest your time and money to BUILD A PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIO  that delivers and showcases your value.

You're an 'entrepreneur-at-heart' and an aspiring 'leader' who is ready to step beyond being GOOD at your job (or even being a 'superstar' and 'linchpin' in one job) to become a game changing owner of digital services that employers and customers flock to hire and buy from, thus GROWING YOUR REPUTATION, BRAND, BUSINESS AND INCOME-REVENUE-PROFIT.

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Julie's consultant entrepreneurial journey started when she sold and delivered her first gig as a Independent Freelance Business Analyst (worth AUD $30,000) to design, develop and implement a Billing & Invoicing app for a Finance Team responsible for managing $6million in revenue while still at university (and 22 years old) before her first 9-to-5 job as a data analyst for a bank and insurance company.

Your Instructor & Host:

Julie Choo (Growth Architect)

  • Julie is creator of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework and Lead Author of THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Book (2020) which was successfully kickstarter funded at the end of 2017, when she also founded the Stratability Academy. She has worked hard to build (from scratch) a PORTFOLIO Career comprised of many services and businesses to provide multiple incomes sources that combine her business and technology backgrounds and interests.
  • She had designed new digital services, advised, architected and managed transformation projects and programs with budgets and/or assets from $6million to $60billion, ranging from early stage tech start-ups and SMEs to large multinational corporations including fintechs and big banks, technology giants, automotives, manufacturers, education institutions public sector services... and more... in various consultant roles across 6 continents.
  • Trained, taught, mentored and coached 1000s of people worldwide in strategy & innovation, business architecture, operating model transformation, data-driven design & blockchain, engineering and project management (professional and academy positions).

What our alumni have to say about our training programs...

The Framework really helped me to grow as a young entrepreneur in my 20s. It showed me how to take my business forward and where to spend money to grow, and what services to specific customers really turn a profit to help me scale my Marketing & PR Agency in the UK and Pakistan.

I have achieved so much more since having Julie as my mentor, because I learned how to take my shot and use my skills properly... I gained confidence to make good decisions, exit my business at the right time and make things happen. I have a growing portfolio career including my dream job as Deputy Global Head of Media for a major NGO, I'm also a Trustee of a charity... and I know how to grow another business in the future.

Kai A. - Deputy Head of Media at World Animal Projection (USA)

From my personal perspective what I really enjoy in the training is the practical approach of putting everything I’ve learnt into action. Now I know that when you think about transformation it’s not only about process, it’s also about implementing it. 

Arnab D. - Senior Consultant at WMware (India)

I've attended several of Julie's training courses, while still an Enterprise Architect and I asked her to coach me to make the switch to the business... before she even decided to call herself a coach. Through her practical training and coaching, I have successfully made my career switch and more... I was even able to help a friend setup his new business from scratch with THE STRATEGY JOURNEY Framework. 

Henry E. - Business Architect at Canadian Tire Corporation

My understanding ... has moved up from a one or two to a three or four, and this brings value back to my clients. I can also articulate how to troubleshoot and where we can help our clients through transformation. I would recommend this course to anyone who is on a journey to understand, or prepare for, going through a business transformation, or looking at ways to drive efficiency in your organization.

Andy L. - Principle at DELL EMC (Australia)

Join Julie in this exclusive 90 minute masterclass to start your strategy journey and build a successful CAREER JOURNEY as a high achieving consultant, leader and entrepreneur... in the fast changing digital economy!

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